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Tabby Cat Merchandise, Products & Gifts

Tabby cats are sometimes thought of as a breed, but tabby instead refers to a color pattern that actually spans many breeds. It's a pattern that varies widely, but encompasses four basic classes. These feature swirls, spots, lines, and more, but most often stripes. Tabbies come in many colors, from brown and silver to gray and orange. They're also highly intelligent, according to many cat lovers and breeders, more like dogs than cats. Meanwhile, they are loving, making great companions.
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You can find some great Tabby cat gifts here at Animal Den for all ages. Our large selection includes such items as license plate frames, calendars, Christmas ornaments, T-shirts, floormats, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and so much more. You'll also find gifts in various Tabby colors, even orange cat gifts.

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