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Calico Cat Merchandise, Products & Gifts

Great Calico Cat Gifts, Merchandise & Products for Calico Cat lovers. We have one of the largest selections of unique Calico Cat Gift Items. Calico refers not to a specific cat breed, but to its color pattern. Calico cats actually span many breeds, from Persian to Siamese to Manx. Calico speaks to a coat that's largely white, with patches of two other colors. Like most cats, the Calico is somewhat independent and can be temperamental, but remains affectionate. If you're a Calico owner, you can easily vouch for this, seeing how well your pet interacts with your children. You've seen how it rubs against everyone's feet and sits contentedly in your laps, purring away.
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Animal Den carries an extensive line of Calico cat gifts, from flags, stuffed animals, and T-shirts to keychains, calendars, and license plate frames. We even have Christmas items, such as a Calico cat Christmas stocking. These are great gift items for your kids, and other people you know who are so devoted to their Calicos. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you know that any product you order will be top quality.
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