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Black & White Cat Products, Merchandise & Gifts

Black and white cats tend to be called Tuxedo because they look like they're wearing one. It's merely a word to describe their look rather than a specific breed. Tuxedo cats actually span many breeds, whether mixed, purebred, or exotic. The most famous Tuxedo was probably Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird's nemesis, though quite fictional!
Other Cat Products
Cat Coasterssale
Sale Price:$8.99
Kittens & Butterflies Hold-a-Note
Sale Price:$5.99
Kitten & Roses Hold-a-Note
Sale Price:$5.99
Kittens in Window Hold-a-Note
Sale Price:$5.99
Kittens on Bench Hold-a-Note
Sale Price:$5.99
Cat Charm
Cat Pin
Cat Ring
Cat Socks
Cat Sign
If you like the look of black and white cats, and have come to love one as a pet, you need to show that love with black and white cat products and merchandise from Animal Den. Maybe your kids would get a kick out of a stuffed animal or puppet or T-shirt. We have these items and many more, and they definitely make great gifts. A black and white cat Christmas ornament would also make a nice stocking stuffer.

All kind of creative gift-giving possibilities exist, so check out our product line and order today. A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs anything you get.
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