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Llama Gifts, Merchandise & Products

We have one of the largest selections of unique Llama Gift Items. Because llamas are very intelligent and easily trained, they serve many purposes, depending on your part of the world. In some places, they're used as beasts of burden, since they're taller and heavier than most commonly envision, up to 6 feet tall and weighing 280-450 lbs. That makes them capable of carrying up to 30 percent of their body weight for moderate distances. However, you can't load them up too heavily, or they will refuse to move!
In other places, llamas are used to guard sheep and other herds from predators. Fiber production is another purpose for llamas, since their plentiful wool is soft and warm. This makes for many yarns, garments, and more, in all their various colors.

In the U.S., llamas are popular as pets and companions, because their gentle temperament makes them adaptable and good with people. Sometimes they are even brought into hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes as a form of therapy for patients, providing them enjoyment and an emotional lift.

Whatever place the llama has occupied in your world, it has no doubt endeared itself to you. Maybe it has meant even more to your kids, relatives, neighbors, or others. If a gift-giving occasion is coming, Animal Den has some wonderful gifts for llama lovers across many categories. Among the most popular are T-shirts, coasters, figurines, mugs, license plate frames, magnets, and so many more. These are all gifts llama lovers are always gratified to receive.

Whether it's llama gifts, merchandise for yourself, or some other purpose, Animal Den has it all. We stand behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any llama gifts you order, as well as everything else on our site. When you know you can return anything within 60 days of purchase for a refund or exchange, it gives you more confidence that what you're getting is top quality.
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