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The largest animals in the world, Whales are commonly thought of as a kind of fish, but are actually marine mammals. They're not cold-blooded like fish, who can adapt to colder conditions. That's why Whales have blubber to keep them warm. Also, they give birth like humans rather than lay eggs. Their pregnancies run 10 to 17 months, depending on species, and they produce milk for their young. More than 75 species exist, with a variety of characteristics. They're one of the smartest animals around, capable of communicating through an array of sounds. It's no wonder the Whale has been a regular feature of movies, TV, and literature dating back to Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

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Orca Whale Hold-a-Note
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Whale Coasterssale
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Whale Mousepadsale
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Whale Pin
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