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Sea Turtle Gifts & Products

Sea Turtles get their name for one obvious reason: They live in the ocean. They're present in all of them except the Arctic Ocean, because they prefer warm water. They come in all sizes and shell shapes, depending on species, which number seven. Sea Turtles cannot withdraw into their shells like other turtles, not only can they maneuver very well on land, but they sure can move in water. The fastest species is the Leatherback, known to travel more than 20 mph. If you ever get the chance to see a Sea Turtle that looks like it's crying, don't be fooled. That's how they purge the extra salt they take on in the ocean.

If turtles have always interested you, particularly the Sea Turtle, you'll want to see the many Sea Turtle gifts we have here at Animal Den. Among our most popular are T-shirts, stuffed animals, signs, address labels, earrings, socks, Christmas ornaments, frames, license plate frames, pins, keychains, mousepads, charms, coasters, note holders, flags, magnets, rings, puppets, stuffed animals, bracelets, and puzzles. Obviously, these also make great gifts for Sea Turtle lovers too, so click below for all the details.
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