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Sea Otter Merchandise & Gifts

A member of the Weasel family, the Sea Otter is all about two things: eating and grooming. It must eat 25 to 40 percent of its weight daily to keep up with its high metabolism, and can dive up to 330 feet to forage. It's one of the few mammals that uses implements such as rocks to knock Shellfish and Abalone shells from rocks, and pry or hammer them open. Grooming is vital because they need clean fur to absorb air and keep themselves warm. That means when they're not eating, they're cleaning! The Sea Otter can live its entire life without leaving the water, and has been known to sleep holding paws, to keep from drifting apart.

If you know people tickled at the thought of sleeping otters holding hands, gifts depicting Sea Otters would be especially delightful. You'll find almost anything you can imagine here at Animal Den. Sea Otter ornaments for Christmas are just one of many Otter gifts. Some of our most popular options are: puzzles, address labels, T-shirts, license plate frames, calendars, charms, signs, socks, backpacks, earrings, pins, magnets, jewelry boxes, keychains, mousepads, coasters, note holders, bracelets, and purses. Just click below for all the details.
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