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Dalmatian Gifts, Merchandise & Products

Our unique Dalmatian gifts at Animal Den will delight any owner or fan of these world-famous spotted dogs. We have calendars, T-shirts, beautifully crafted sterling silver Dalmatian dog charms and other affordably priced Dalmatian items for sale. Named for the long-ago region of Dalmatia in what today is known as Croatia, this playful, friendly dog breed has a remarkable history. These dogs once guarded horse-drawn carriages from highway robbers in England and later were circus performers. Walt Disney made dozens of adult dogs and Dalmatian puppies the stars of the animated movie "101 Dalmatians."
Dalmatian Coasterssale
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Dalmatian Hold-a-Note
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Dalmatian Mousepadsale
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Other Dog Products
Once rescue dogs for American fire departments, Dalmatians are still popular mascots at fire stations across the U.S. We have plush stuffed animals with black spots on white, tote bags, Dalmatian license plate frames and wristwatches in styles for men and women with Dalmatian dogs on each watch face. Collect our adorable Dalmatian holiday ornaments. For inexpensive Christmas stocking stuffers, consider our Dalmatian key chains, pewter pins and dog magnets.
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