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Dachshund Gifts, Jewelry & Dachshund Products

Owners and fans of lively little dachshund dogs can find the best short-hair and long-hair dachshund gifts at Animal Den. We have holiday ornaments, T-shirts, dachshund charms and unique gifts for standard-size and miniature dachshunds. This clever little dog was bred in Germany as a hare and badger hunter. "Dachs" is the German word for badger.
Dachshund Car Charm - Sun Catcher
Sale Price:$15.95
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Puppy Hold-a-Note
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Dogs License Plate Frame
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Basic Obedience Video
Sale Price:$7.95
Although dachshunds grew less popular in the early years of the 20th century in Europe, Americans reversed that trend by adopting the feisty hot dog-shaped animal with long body and short legs as a favorite family pet. We have captured the playful nature of the dachshund with our blankets, calendars, hats and fashion jewelry. Shop our home and office accessories celebrating the dachshund. We're your go-to American store for all things animals. We carry dog, cat, barnyard animal and marine life gifts, apparel and accessories. Shop our wildlife collections of collectible figurines and adorable toys.
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