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Crawfish Products, Merchandise & Gifts

Crawfish may have a reputation as a Louisiana phenomenon, but it's actually eaten throughout the world. Louisiana does do the lion's share of the harvesting, however. Though 500 species exist, only 2 are harvested and eaten. A freshwater crustacean, the Crawfish is known by other names: crawdad, mudbug, and others. It's a close relative of the lobster, particularly the Maine lobster, and taste very similar. They are also commonly sold and used as bait to attract particular species like Pike, Walleye, Muskie, and more. Some people have also kept them as freshwater aquarium pets.

Whatever your attachment to Crawfish, Animal Den offers some popular products and merchandise depicting this popular creature. Obviously, they make excellent gifts, whether keychains, license plate frames, pins, or T-shirts. You can even opt for a Crawfish wind chime. Just click on your favorites below to learn more. Our prices are reasonable, and everything is covered by our 100% unconditional guarantee, so you can always shop confidently with Animal Den.
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