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Bat T-Shirts, Bat Gifts & More

Bat fans go batty for our huge selection of bat T-shirts, jewelry, holiday ornaments and signs starring these nocturnal flying mammals. Like dolphins, bats use a sonar-like skill to use echoed sounds to ‘see” in the dark. Scientists have counted more than 1,000 species of bats. Show your bat-mania by wearing our premium-quality bat T-shirts, jewelry and wristwatches from Animal Den. We have vampire bat stuffed animals and rhinestone vampire bats pins. Our handcrafted sterling silver bat charm is a delightful keepsake gift for a bracelet or silver neck chain.

Our bat bracelet is crafted of end-to-end sculpted metal bats. We love the precise detailing on our “True to Life” bat earrings in pierced styles. Shop our bat-theme computer mouse pads, license plate frames and bat crossing signs. Our plush bat puppet is a fun, educational addition to any classroom. Enjoy our discount prices on beautifully crafted sterling silver bat rings for men and women. We also have bat earrings and bat charms in sterling silver. With our affordable prices on premium sterling silver animal charms, we’re the go-to store for creating stunning charm bracelets with charms of wild animals, birds, sea life and favorite pets.
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