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Walrus Products, Merchandise & Gifts

With its two long tusks weighing up to 12 lbs. each, the Walrus is a most distinctive-looking creature. The male tusks are longer than the female, and they're put to good use, fighting predators, battling for mating rights, creating breathing holes in the ice, and grabbing animals out of the water. Like the Elephant, the Walrus was heavily hunted for its tusks, and for other reasons, but legislation has reined that in. Like the Whale, the Walrus has a thick layer of blubber to keep it warm in frigid temperatures. The adults can weigh well over a ton and grow to 12 feet long. Their lifespan is about 30 years.

If you know someone intrigued with the Walrus, you can pick up some unique Walrus gifts here at Animal Den and provide a wonderful surprise. A few products in greatest demand are stuffed animals, keychains, magnets, T-shirts, mousepads, note holders, address labels, coasters, and license plate frames. Click below to get all the particulars.

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