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Walleye Products, Merchandise & Gifts

The biggest member of the perch family is the Walleye, a common and popular freshwater fish in the northern U.S. It earned its name thanks to its eyes, which are covered with a layer of pigment that enables it to see in dark, murky waters. Combined with its razor-sharp teeth, the Walleye is quite the predator. It measures 10 to 18 inches long, and weighs 1 to 3 lbs., though some have grown larger. Walleye is a delicious catch, with finely-textured meat.

If you're a dedicated fisherman who makes Walleye your chief target, we at Animal Den offer you a nice way for you to make this known. Check out our popular selection of Walleye products and merchandise ranging from license plate frames, T-shirts, and tote bags to mousepads, coasters, and magnets. Some combination of these will also make great Walleye gifts for others you know who have also caught the Walleye vision.
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