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Starfish Products, Merchandise & Gifts

The Starfish is actually not a fish at all. It's an invertebrate, just like the Sea Urchin, Sea Cucumber, and Dollar. More than 2,000 Starfish species of all sizes exist in every ocean, but you won't find a single one in freshwater, which they cannot survive. Interestingly, they have no brain nor blood; instead, sea water circulates through their systems. Also, to eat large prey that won't fit into their small mouths, Starfish have the ability to push one of their two stomachs outside their bodies. They are also able to regenerate body parts that predators have consumed, though this can take up to a year.

Animal Den enables you to celebrate the Starfish with many products featuring this most unique creature of the sea. Merchandise that's most in demand includes socks, stuffed animals, signs, T-shirts, mousepads, address labels, earrings, license plate frames, pins, note holders, coasters, mugs, charms, magnets, rings, wind chimes, jewelry boxes, and bracelets. Click below to learn more.

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