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Seal Gifts, Merchandise & Products

About 33 species of Seal exist in various sizes, divided into two families. One has ears, like the Sea Lion; the other has none, like the common Seal. They live mainly in the Arctic and Antarctic, but are also in some tropical areas. Much of their lives is spent in the water, but they'll come ashore to moult and escape predators, as well as to mate and give birth. They're not only able to sleep underwater, but can hold their breath down there a record two hours through slowing their heart rate. Their whiskers help them detect their prey in murky waters, picking up the vibrations of their movement.

If you have some Seal fans among your family or friends, you can find some great Seal gifts here at Animal Den. Our product line is a lot more than mere Seal calendars too. Our most popular items include pencil holders, stuffed animals, license plate frames, magnets, Christmas ornaments, T-shirts, coasters, address labels, jewelry boxes, signs, puzzles, socks, note holders, earrings, puppets, and mousepads. Click below to learn more on whatever catches your eye.
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