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Seahorse Gifts & Products

A most unique sea creature, the Seahorse has no limbs, no teeth, no stomach, and no defense mechanisms. Its ability to camouflage itself, readily changing colors, is its only defense against predators. Its eyes move independently, like the Chameleon. It gets its name only because its facial characteristics resemble a horse. The shape of its head enables it to move undetected through the water, sneaking up on its prey. It also uses its long snout to great effect, sucking up its victims. It eats almost constantly, since food passes through its system so rapidly.

Animal Den carries a line of unique Seahorse gifts that anyone would be happy to receive. Some of these include purses, keychains, stuffed animals, note holders, socks, pencil holders, earrings, bracelets, address labels, pins, Christmas ornaments, coasters, license plate frames, mousepads, and T-shirts. Just click below to learn more.

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