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Piranha Products, Merchandise & Gifts

Indigenous to South America, Piranhas are commonly portrayed as ferocious flesh-eaters, but most actually eat seeds and fruits as well. Only about 3 of the 30 to 60 Piranha species are considered dangerous to humans. Their jawbone can crush a human hand in seconds, and their teeth are so sharp, the locals will use them to make weapons and tools. Piranhas are known as "opportunistic carnivores," taking advantage of any animal unfortunate enough to come for a drink. Within minutes, that creature is totally devoured, and in the frenzy, the piranhas often wind up biting one another.

Animal Den offers you the chance to acquire some top-quality products and merchandise depicting this most unique species. Choose among such popular items as license plate frames, T-shirts, and pins. We unconditionally guarantee the quality of every item. If, within 60 days of purchase, you become dissatisfied, you may return your purchase for a refund or exchange. Clearly, then, shopping with us poses absolutely no risk. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied customers.
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