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Pekingese Gifts, Merchandise & Products

Celebrate a dog that was once a favorite of Imperial China with our Pekingese dog gifts from Animal Den. These popular family companions are graceful dogs named for Peking, the ancient capital of China that today is called Beijing. Pekingese owners and fans offer five-star raves about our extensive and affordably priced collection of Pekingese gifts, apparel and fashion jewelry. We have Pekingese garden flags, signs and kitchen. Shop our beautiful fashion jewelry with images of this dog breed.

Pekingese Calendar 2018Little Drummer Pekingese Christmas OrnamentPekingese 2.8 Seconds SignPekingese Address Labels
Pekingese Calendar 2018
Little Drummer Pekingese Christmas Ornament
Pekingese 2.8 Seconds Sign
Pekingese Address Labels
Pekingese Angel Christmas Tree TopperPekingese BlanketPekingese Bottle StopperPekingese Bumper Sticker Caution
Pekingese Angel Christmas Tree Topper
Pekingese Blanket
Pekingese Bottle Stopper
Pekingese Bumper Sticker Caution
Pekingese Bumper Sticker EuroPekingese Bumper Sticker Honor StudentPekingese Bumper Sticker I Love MyPekingese Car Magnet - Life's Better
Pekingese Bumper Sticker Euro
Pekingese Bumper Sticker Honor Student
Pekingese Bumper Sticker I Love My
Pekingese Car Magnet - Life's Better
Pekingese Caution SignPekingese Christmas CardsPekingese Christmas Ornament AngelPekingese Christmas Ornament Porcelain
Pekingese Caution Sign
Pekingese Christmas Cards
Pekingese Christmas Ornament Angel
Pekingese Christmas Ornament Porcelain
Pekingese Christmas Stocking OrnamentPekingese Christmas Tree Ornament - PersonalizePekingese CoastersPekingese Coffee Mug
Pekingese Christmas Stocking Ornament
Pekingese Christmas Tree Ornament - Personalize
Pekingese Coasters
Pekingese Coffee Mug
Pekingese Dish Towel & PotholderPekingese FigurinePekingese Figurine MyDogPekingese Garden Flag
Pekingese Dish Towel & Potholder
Pekingese Figurine
Pekingese Figurine MyDog
Pekingese Garden Flag
Pekingese Garden StakePekingese Gift Box Christmas OrnamentPekingese Gingerbread House Christmas OrnamentPekingese Hold-a-Note
Pekingese Garden Stake
Pekingese Gift Box Christmas Ornament
Pekingese Gingerbread House Christmas Ornament
Pekingese Hold-a-Note
Pekingese KeychainPekingese Keychain PewterPekingese License Plate FramePekingese Magnet
Pekingese Keychain
Pekingese Keychain Pewter
Pekingese License Plate Frame
Pekingese Magnet
Pekingese MousepadPekingese Note HolderPekingese Paw Wipe TowelPekingese Pen Holder
Pekingese Mousepad
Pekingese Note Holder
Pekingese Paw Wipe Towel
Pekingese Pen Holder
Pekingese Pencil HolderPekingese Personalized Dog Bone Christmas OrnamentPekingese Personalized Dog House Christmas OrnamentPekingese Pillow
Pekingese Pencil Holder
Pekingese Personalized Dog Bone Christmas Ornament
Pekingese Personalized Dog House Christmas Ornament
Pekingese Pillow
Pekingese PinPekingese Pin Hand Painted ResinPekingese Plant StakePekingese Shirt Est. 200
Pekingese Pin
Pekingese Pin Hand Painted Resin
Pekingese Plant Stake
Pekingese Shirt Est. 200
Pekingese Sleigh Ride Christmas OrnamentPekingese SocksPekingese Socks Poses 2Pekingese T Shirt Best Therapist
Pekingese Sleigh Ride Christmas Ornament
Pekingese Socks
Pekingese Socks Poses 2
Pekingese T Shirt Best Therapist
Pekingese T Shirt by Robert MayPekingese T-Shirt - #1... Deal With ItPekingese T-Shirt - Best FriendsPekingese T-Shirt - Breed of Champions
Pekingese T Shirt by Robert May
Pekingese T-Shirt - #1... Deal With It
Pekingese T-Shirt - Best Friends
Pekingese T-Shirt - Breed of Champions
Pekingese T-Shirt - Certified PersonPekingese T-Shirt - Diamond CollectionPekingese T-Shirt - Eye Catching DetailPekingese T-Shirt - History Collection
Pekingese T-Shirt - Certified Person
Pekingese T-Shirt - Diamond Collection
Pekingese T-Shirt - Eye Catching Detail
Pekingese T-Shirt - History Collection
Pekingese T-Shirt - I love myPekingese T-Shirt - My Best Friend IsPekingese T-Shirt - Other AngelsPekingese T-Shirt - Profiles
Pekingese T-Shirt - I love my
Pekingese T-Shirt - My Best Friend Is
Pekingese T-Shirt - Other Angels
Pekingese T-Shirt - Profiles
Pekingese Tiny One Christmas OrnamentPekingese Tote BagPekingese Treat JarPekingese Trivet
Pekingese Tiny One Christmas Ornament
Pekingese Tote Bag
Pekingese Treat Jar
Pekingese Trivet
Pekingese VideoPekingese WatchPekingese Windchime
Pekingese Video
Pekingese Watch
Pekingese Windchime
Other Dog Products
For the holidays, add a Chinese accent with our Pekingese dog ornaments in color reds and greens. We have Pekingese calendars, magnets, bumper stickers and T-shirts in adult and children's sizes. At Animal Den, you'll find the most collections of gifts and collectibles for the world's famous dog breeds. Also shop our collections of gifts for fans of cats, wildlife, marine life, birds and horses.
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