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Octopus Products, Gifts & Merchandise

Octopuses are extremely intelligent, able to play with toys and even unscrew childproof pill bottles, scientific studies have shown. They're even masters of camouflage, immediately blending into their surroundings, causing predators to pass right on by. What makes this possible are their specialized muscles and network of pigment cells. However, if they're seen, they shoot black ink to obscure themselves and buy some getaway time; plus, the ink dulls their pursuer's sense of smell. If caught, they can lose an arm, if necessary, and later grow it back. They do have four pairs of arms anyway, so they can certainly exist in the meantime!

If you're fascinated with the Octopus, you will like the array of Octopus products and merchandise here at Animal Den. Some of our more popular Octopus gifts include stuffed animals, T-shirts, earrings, address labels, pins, puppets, pencil holders, puzzles, and license plate frames. These are gifts Octopus lovers will surely adore, so order today here at
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