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Lobster Gifts, Products & Merchandise

When you think of Lobster, you think of its distinctive claws; however, this is just one Lobster group. The other is called spiny, which has long antennas instead of claws, and is found in tropical waters. Both are ten-legged, though, with many of the same organs as humans. You may also think of them as red, but they don't turn red until cooked. Forty-nine different species live in oceans worldwide, and about 200,000 tons are caught each year, considered a culinary delicacy. Those that go uncaught can live up to 100 years.

If you're a Crab fan, you'll like the Lobster products and merchandise available here at Animal Den. Our most popular items include earrings, pencil holders, T-shirts, pencil holders, coasters, license plate frames, address labels, mousepads, charms, flags, jewelry boxes, note holders, bracelets, address labels, signs, keychains, wind chimes, stuffed animals, and pins. How about wearing Lobster socks? You'll find it all at Animal Den, and come away thoroughly satisfied, so just click below for more details.
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