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Choosing the Right Dog

So you are thinking about buying a dog, but you don't know what type of dog breed is right for you and your lifestyle? With well over 150 dog breeds to choose from, the task can be daunting, but definitely worth taking the time to evaluate since you are not only choosing a dog, you are trying to choose the right dog for you and your family. Hopefully, some of this information will be useful in making the decision and right commitment to your canine friend.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and the amount of time and commitment you are willing to make should play a big part in your decision in what type of breed you choose. Dogs are a wonderful loving and loyal companion, but they require work and devotion on the part of an owner. All dogs, breed aside, need exercise, love, play time and a dedication to do so. All aspects of your life need to be considered including - the size of your home, whether or not you have small children, and your activity level and hobbies.

It's important to determine the qualities you'd like to have in a dog such as trainability, temperament and grooming needs. Are you looking for a lap dog such as a Maltese or a hunting dog such as a Labrador retriever or German short-haired pointer? Someone with allergies may want to consider a dog breed that sheds less than other breeds such as a poodle or one of the new poodle mixes such as a labradoodle, goldendoodle, or schnoodle.

While there are a lot of pure bred dogs to choose from, one can never overlook the benefits of adopting a mutt which could be a combination of assorted breeds and have qualities perfect for your family. Supporting your local humane society or shelter could benefit a dog in need and be a lot more tolerable on the wallet than purchasing a pure breed from a breeder. Local shelters are also a great resource for the person looking for an older dog and there are also breed rescue centers that are looking for homes for older pure bred dogs.

Once you figure out which dog is right for you, it's time to get your home ready for your new family member. For starters, you'll need dog bowls, a collar, leash, grooming tools and other necessities. Get your home ready and make sure “chewables” are out of the way. Provide your dog with a nice bed to sleep in and quiet place that they can call home and toys they can play with (so that they don't choose dad's shoe as that toy!). Also be sure to determine which veterinarian you will be taking your new dog to because it's important to start immunizations as soon as possible to ensure a healthy future for your new dog.

Good luck in finding the right dog for you and your family!

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