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How do you swat flies in Texas?

With a tennis racket.


First Mother Fly: How's the new baby?

Second Mother Fly: Very restless. I had to walk the ceiling with him all night.


How does a spider greet a fly?

"I'm so pleased to eat you!"


Why are spiders good baseball players?

Because they know how to catch flies.


What's the difference between a duck and a spider?

The duck has a web in its feet, the spider has its feet in a web.


Where do spiders go to learn new words?

Web-ster's Dictionary.


Who can leap tall poodles in a single bound?

Super Flea.


Which mosquito attacked Dorothy and Toto?

The Wicked Itch of the West.


Who is the termites' favorite comedian?

Woody Allen


Who are the best-dressed insects on the police force?

The Miami Lice.


Who was the greatest insect baseball player?

Mickey Mantis

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