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Beaver T-Shirts, Beaver Gifts & More

Our beaver T-shirts, jewelry and unique gifts with beaver themes from Animal Den will delight fans of these sociable workaholics of the animal kingdom. Busy beavers even have transparent eyelids that work as built-in goggles to construct their dams above and below the water line. If you have friends, co-workers or family members who know how to be as busy as a beaver, our inexpensive key chains, hand painted beaver pins, magnets and computer mouse pads with beaver images are fun ways to present a beaver gift show your appreciation for their efforts.

How industrious are beavers? A dam built by beavers in Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada is 2,800 feet long. Itís big enough to use Google Earth satellite software to pinpoint its location from outer space. Shop our plush stuffed animal beavers, beaver golf club covers, hold-a-note sets and other beaver merchandise. Our wild-about-beavers license plate frame that will let everyone on the road know youíre a fan.
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