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Below you will find banner ads and text link ideas to use on your website, blog or newsletter. You may also create your own ads if desired. For question please email:

Instant Page Creator

Instant Page Creator (IPC) is an external data feed with all of our products - create your own Animal Den store or product showcase in minutes, no technical skills required.
  • Increase Sales - Unlike traditional text and banner ads, IPC provides a dynamic and interactive way for your customers to browse, search and purchase our products from your site, improving sales. Highly recommended.
  • Easy - IPC makes it easy to incorporate our products into your site in minutes.
  • Free Service - IPC is a free tool we offer our affiliates. Try it today, it works.

Please go here to use IPC:

Text Links

What is a text link? You write a short endorsement, recommendation, paragraph or sentence about the Animal Den. This text is then placed on your website in appropriate areas. Inserted in this text, is a link that will send your customer to our site.

At face value, you might think banner ads would always pull better, in reality the opposite may be true. By far, one of the most powerful methods available is your personal endorsement.

Think of it this way... When you read a newspaper, 90% of the time you're reading it for the articles and not the ads. That's why editorial style endorsements can pull much better than conventional ads.

Text links can be more effective than banner ads and are highly recommended, especially when placed within the normal text of your site. When someone clicks on the link and buys something, you get a commission.

Two short examples - dog rescue website:

"You can help support us when you buy from the Animal Den. Great products with excellent customer service. Simply the best Dog Lovers Gift Shop we have seen. Highly recommended."

"Animal Den - this Dog Lovers Gift Shop is highly recommended. Great products, top service, five stars."

Two short examples - wildlife website

"If you're looking for unique gift ideas, make sure to visit the Animal Den. We bought some elephant coffee mugs here, we enjoy them every morning. They specialize in products printed with specific animals, pets, dog breeds and wildlife. Great products, click here to see for yourself."

"Animal Den - this Animal Lovers Gift Shop is highly recommended. Great products, top service, five stars."

These are only examples to get you thinking. It's easy to write your own, it can be short or long. Just let folks know how you or others feel about the Animal Den. To read what other customers have said about us please click here.

How do I start? Write your text. Consider a personal endorsement or recommendation format. Make one or more words in the text a link. In this link, be sure to insert the affiliate link we sent you in the appropriate html area.

Banner Ads

Banner ads have been around for many years and also work good. Many successful affiliates will use a combination of ad types, both banners and text links.

How do I start? All banners and graphics should be saved and loaded on your website. To save an image, right-click on the image, choose "Save Picture As", and then save the image to your hard drive. You will then need to upload the image to your website directory. Don't forget to insert the affiliate link we sent you in the appropriate html area.

Be sure to place your banner ads or text ads in numerous locations on your site. Some of the best locations are near the top of the page, high traffic spots, or inserted in areas that relate in some way to the items you are offering.








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